It’s no secret that times are stressful and full of uncertainty. This is always true, regardless of what’s going on around us. But right now, in the midst of a growing global pandemic, extreme civil unrest, and utter political upheaval all at the same time, those words have never been more accurate.

Sometimes we just need to take a moment to decompress and remind ourselves that while life is stressful and always will be, our own personal growth depends largely on how we handle that stress and how we respond to it.

So next time one of life’s little surprises…

Peaceful protesters gather in masses. Entire sports teams kneel or leave the field or court during the National Anthem. State and local governments are reallocating resources to better serve and protect communities. Celebrities take to social media to share their anti-racial beliefs. There is no doubt a huge, albeit long-overdue, racial movement going on in the U.S. right now.

An increasing number of Americans are finding ways to support people of color. So far I’ve sat on the sidelines, watching in horror at the news headlines that showcase one story after another of people of color treated unfairly. …

Everyday, people all over the world feel like they aren’t living up to their potential. They know they can do more to live their best life and be the best version of themselves they can be. But there’s something, some unknown force, holding them back. That force is fear, and it is the biggest obstacle to success in so many personal and professional lives.

There’s a pretty decent chance that you are familiar with the following scenario:

You have a dream, a big one. This dream lights a fire in your belly and fills your heart with hope. Maybe you…

If you want to be the kind of person who takes action to make changes, has an open mind, and accepts constructive feedback without beating themselves up, then you want to build you self-awareness.

· Get to know yourself

Not like in a ‘how do I prefer my eggs’ kind of way. I’m talking about knowing what you want and why you want it, how you affect others, how others affect you, why you are the way you are.

Complete personality tests for free online, such as the Myers-Briggs test or the DISC assessment, to learn things like your communication style, your strengths and weaknesses…


True growth and genuine happiness require that we deeply know and understand ourselves.

Self-awareness, or conscious knowledge of one’s own character, at its most basic level means understanding what makes you happy, sad, hopeful, angry, etc. It means you recognize and understand your thoughts, feelings, abilities, motives, and experiences as they are. You know your strengths and weaknesses and accept your faults. To have self-awareness is to know and understand what you feel and why you feel it.

Self-awareness is knowing your personal values and aligning your actions with those values, in addition to understanding how you…

A hand holding a cell phone with the words believe, achieve, succeed, repeat.

Self-help. Self-development. Self-love. Self-care. Self-improvement. Personal development. Personal growth. What do these terms mean? Well, they all pretty much refer to the same thing — taking steps to improve one’s life and well-being emotionally, physically, mentally, socially, spiritually, intellectually, financially, and morally; working to create or further success, happiness, awareness, effectiveness, and maturity; striving to reach one’s full potential.

Whether you read blogs or books or listen to podcasts or go to conferences, there are a few topics that come up consistently when it comes to personal growth. However, what those topics mean and how to apply them to your…

Jenn Jensen

Freelance writer. Blogger. Personal growth extraordinaire.

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